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  • Vitamin D and Modulation of the Immune System (Part 2)
3rd February 2021 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Online - Zoom
Webinars for GPs

On Wednesday 3rd February at 8pm, Dr Fay Danel, will present the second part of this 2-part CPD miniseries on ‘Vitamin D Modulation of the Immune System (Part 2)’.

Nutrients are essential components of that which makes up our body, structure and function, such as cellular apparatus, signalling molecules, enzymes, proteins, membranes, structures, etc… Vitamin D is the focus of this presentation.

Historically the focus for Vitamin D has been its role in calcium and phosphorus regulation. Yet for decades, and even more so now with better technology, Vitamin D has been known for its larger role in the activity of all cells’ ability to access their own cellular function instructions to perform as they should; immune modulation, gene transcription, translation, genetic expression and apoptosis even.

Despite this scientific, research backed understanding most clinicians regard Vitamin D as a nutrient important for bone health and are not aware of the more accurate definition of Vitamin D and it’s place of importance for normal cellular function. So why should we care about possible effects on the immune system?

Expected Learning Outcomes

1) Definition of Vitamin D
2) Physiologically what is normal for optimal immune function
3) How to assess Vitamin D status clinically
4) Highlights of general of immune modulation (of heightened interest because of Covid-19)
5) Discrepancies between public health statements and latest research findings
6) Practical takeaways

This webinar is equivalent to 1 CPD credit.

About the Speaker: Dr Fay Danel

Fay is a metabolic health educator, specialising in Vitamin D and low carbohydrate guidance. With an educational background of a Doctorate of Chiropractic, Fay has switched over to her passion and interest which is metabolic health with a specialisation in Vitamin D. Her Facebook group ‘Understanding Vitamin D Deficiency and Treatment’ is a closed group with over 20K members.


Author: Simon Wade


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