Is there a different way?

As we start this year with the continuing challenges and restrictions linked to the devastating effects of COVID-19, I have been asking myself this question daily... "How can I make this year better than last?"

So many of us are prompted to start a new calendar year with a 'new year's resolution', something we'll do differently.  And yet surveys show most of us, including me, find it difficult to maintain a new behaviour at the best of times, even to the end of the month.

"What are you thinking of doing differently this year? "

So, changing habits is tough, and yet I'm an optimist, and tend to always say "This year it will be different!" - How naive!

I'm exploring the neuroscience and psychology of behaviour change and will be reaching out to researchers to share some of what is now better understood on future web events.

What are you thinking of doing differently this year? 

For me it's improving my metabolic health, with the aim of reducing my risk of suffering a worse outcome from SARS-Cov2 when I inevitably get exposed to it. I'm motivated to make the changes for my wife and family as much as for myself.

The inspiration was Dr Aseem Malhotra and his book, "The 21 Day Immunity Plan"; I'm currently reaching out to see if I can persuade Aseem to come onto a webinar and share with colleagues...  Watch this space.

Author: Simon Wade


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