How I diagnose abdominal pain, with an emphasis on “functional” symptoms (Part 1)

/How I diagnose abdominal pain, with an emphasis on “functional” symptoms (Part 1)

How I diagnose abdominal pain, with an emphasis on “functional” symptoms (Part 1)

30th May 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Online Webinar
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On Thursday 30th May at 8pm, Dr Ehoud (Udi) Shmueli, Consultant Physician, Northampton General and Three Shires Hospitals, will present a CPD webinar; ‘How I diagnose abdominal pain, with an emphasis on “functional” symptoms (Part 1)’.

Our current system allows a quick referral for patients with symptoms that suggest a serious diagnosis. Only about 1 in 10 patients referred on a 2ww will be diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately some patients come out with no more of a diagnosis than “not cancer”, “ no ulcer” or “no colitis” but with ongoing symptoms and no clear pathway for management. These two presentations are aimed at helping you deal with their problems.

Expected Learning Outcomes

1) Dysphagia, but the OGD is normal – what do Ido?
2) Dyspepsia, but the OGD is normal – what do I do?
3) Suspecting excess Alcohol – which are the best tests
4) Recognising and managing pancreatic and biliary pain
5) How to use Carrnet’s sign for musculoskeletal abdominal pain
6) Interpreting abdominal bloating
7) Diagnosing and Managing IBS and Constipation

This webinar is equivalent to 1 CPD credit

About the Speaker: Dr Ehoud Shmueli MBchB MD FRCP

Dr Ehoud Shmueli MBchB MD FRCP, was born in Israel to a Dutch mother and a Jewish Iraqi father. He is known as Dr Udi to make life simpler, Udi being a shortened version of his first name. His family came to London for a 10-month sabbatical in 1969, and stayed.  Udi trained at Bristol University Medical School, qualifying in 1984. At that time, junior doctors were peripatetic and Dr Udi worked in Plymouth, Taunton, Nottingham, and Derby. He passed higher medical exams in 1987 and became a Member of the Royal College of Physicians. He was a medical registrar in Peterborough and Leicester before moving to Newcastle to undertake research into metabolic aspects of liver disease. 

He was awarded an MD in 1992, and continued his research as a Medical Research Council research training fellow at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and at Oxford University, publishing numerous academic papers in prominent medical journals.

In 1995, he left academia to become a Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist at Northampton General Hospital where he has thrived as a clinician. His time is divided between general medical emergency care, endoscopy including bowel cancer screening, and gastroenterology. He personally sees about 1500 patients with gastroenterological problems in his outpatients each year. Up to 40% of patients with gastroenterological problems have “functional problems”, meaning that their symptoms arise as a consequence of normal or near normal function rather than current or previous damage.

The most common of these problems is IBS. Distinguishing between functional symptoms and more serious problems such as cancer or inflammatory bowel disease is one of the most important roles of a gastroenterologist. Udi has published a book on IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Answers at your fingertips) designed to help patients understand and self-manage their condition. This book is a product of his 20 years Consultant experience in helping people with IBS. It reflects his belief that medical complexity can be made understandable to lay people, that such understanding is empowering, and that relatively simple treatments can be dramatically helpful.

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