Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, where are we standing with this?

/Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, where are we standing with this?

Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, where are we standing with this?

4th March 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Online - Zoom
Webinars for GPs

On Monday 4th March at 8pm, UK GMT (9am, Tues 5th March NZ) Kamran Rostami, Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist, New Zealand, will present a CPD webinar on ‘Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity; Are you lost in translation?’

Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) has been recently reported and characterised following several consensus meetings. There is a significant confusion related to NCGS between health professionals, and the patients presenting with gluten sensitivity. NCGS is not recognised by some and over-diagnosed by others. We will discuss, clinical presentation, epidemiology, possible biomarkers and how the diagnosis can be made or excluded. We will discuss how to differentiate NCGS from IBS.

Expected Learning Outcomes

1) Epidemiology, how common is NCGS?
2) Mood disorders and gluten. Any correlation?
3) What is the diagnostic algorithm? Is there a gold standard for diagnosis of NCGS?
4) Pathogenesis of NCGS. Is gluten the culprit or other elements in grains? What are triggering factors?
5) Differential diagnosis and clinical presentation?
6) Are there extra-intestinal symptoms?
7) Is NCGS a functional disorder?
8) Practical approach in diagnosing and treating NCGS, and more.

This webinar is equivalent to 1 CPD credit

About the Speaker: Dr Kamran Rostami

Dr Kamran Rostami was born in Iran and Graduated from Carol Davilla Medical School in Bucharest. He obtained Artsexamen from Catholic University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and a PhD in coeliac disease from University of Amsterdam. He has been a Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist since 2011 and recently joined Gastroenterology unit at Palmerston North in New Zealand.

Dr Rostami is a clinical lecturer at the University of Birmingham and a visiting lecturer for the University of Worcester. He has presented in numerous national and international Gastroenterology conferences, coordinated and published over 100 papers in peer reviewed journals. Kamran also serves as Deputy editor of GHFBB, and Associate editor of WJG and Autoimmunity Highlights.

How do I register?

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Joining the webinar

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