Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our frequently asked questions below, these may help with any queries you may have! If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by filling out our contact form, we will aim to answer your queries as soon as we can!

Webinars (Web based seminars) allow audience members to engage with verbal/visual presentations and speeches via the internet. The webinar platform, Zoom, allows the audience and other panelists (such as the webinar host) to hear the speaker, view the speaker’s screen and view the speaker’s webcam feed, should they wish. Whilst presenting a webinar, anything visible on the speaker’s screen, such as a PowerPoint presentation, is visible to the whole audience. Audience members are muted by default, unless the organiser chooses to ‘un-mute’ a member who may request the opportunity to speak their question directly, rather than typing it in for the host to ask on their behalf. The speaker uses a microphone and headphone set for the best sound experience for the audience. However, in 2017 most computers have very good in-built microphones which can also be used. If the speaker’s computer has a webcam attached or integrated, and if the speaker chooses, then the audience member may see a thumbnail image of the speaker as well as their presentation slides during the webinar presentation.
Yes, Webinars for GPs is a proud provider of high quality CPD webinars for GPs and Medical professionals in the UK and is accredited by The CPD Standards Office.
All that is needed to attend or take part in a webinar is a reasonable internet connection and a computer, tablet or smart-phone*. The webinar platform that we currently use, Zoom, is available to Windows and Mac users as well as allowing attendees to participate via iOS, Android and Blackberry. For audience members using a tablet or smartphone it will be necessary to download the Zoom app from the relevant app store environment. When attending a webinar, the best sound experience will be had by using headphones, ear buds or quality audio speakers. As with any live streaming online event, a good internet connection is required to maximize the user experience and whilst attendees can access our webinars via tablet or smart-phone, we would advise doing so using whilst connected to Wi-Fi, you otherwise risk using up significant amounts of your mobile data allowance.
For the best user experience, we advise connecting with our webinars using a computer, tablet or smart-phone with a good internet connection. If no internet connection is available, it is possible for an audience member to ‘dial in’ to the webinar via telephone, enabling the user to access the audio part of the webinar only. The telephone number and access code is included in the webinar registration confirmation email.
To register, you will simply input your name and best email on the webinar registration page. A URL web-link to this page will be found on Webinars for GPs social media or in an email newsletter if you’ve signed up to receive these weekly messages. Once registered, you will receive an email confirming your registration and containing the link (URL) you will use to join the webinar, as well as a confirmation of the time and date of the session.
If you are a member of Webinars for GPs, you will receive a weekly email containing a link or button to ‘click’ which will register you for the webinar. You will then get an email confirming your registration and containing the link (URL) you will use to join the webinar, as well as a confirmation of the time and date of the session.
Speakers are registered automatically by the organiser (Webinars for GPs) and will receive a joining link (URL) in a panelist confirmation email which will be sent prior to the webinar commencing. Speakers must be able to access their email address at the time of the webinar presentation (e.g. 7.45 for an 8pm start). At the time the webinar is agreed, please inform the organiser of your best email address which you can access away from work. If you are only able to access your email whilst at work and you will not be presenting the webinar from your place of work, please do not use this email address as your primary contact with us.
It’s simple to ask a question during the webinar. By default, you attend with your microphone muted, however, as you listen to the live presentation, any question comes to mind - simply type it into the ‘chat’ box or ‘Q&A’ box which is accessed via the appropriate tab on the webinar control panel. At an appropriate time, the webinar host will read out your question on your behalf. There is a helpful video to demonstrate this here:
Yes, after you have attended a webinar you will be required to complete a short ‘personal learning points and feedback’ survey. Once submitted (by clicking ‘submit’), you will have the opportunity to download a certificate of attendance, accredited by the CPD Standards Office, as well as personalised learning points for your appraisal folder.
Yes, when you sign up for one of our membership offers you will have access to replays of every webinar you register for under your membership. The replays may be watched at a time that suits you and you can still receive an accredited CPD certificate for your engagement!
Obviously, we don’t want to see you go! However, if you would like to cancel your subscription, simply e-mail [email protected] with CANCELLATION REQUEST in the subject line; we will end your membership with immediate effect*. *The monthly subscription is a ‘rolling contract’ so you can cancel your membership and billing at any time. Our annual subscriptions include a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee but are non-refundable after this point.