Challenging Conditions Bundle


Here’s a selection of webinars from the ‘Challenging Conditions’ category in our archive of webinar recordings, covering evergreen challenges that we all face as clinicians relating to diagnosing these challenging conditions.

The following topics are covered:

  1. Paediatric Sepsis
  2. Fits, Faints, Falls and ‘Funny Turns’
  3. Meeting the Challenge of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E.
  4. Dementia: Understanding Behaviour that Challenges



Challenging Conditions
Webinar Bundle

Paediatric Sepsis

First Broadcast: 10th November 2016

Presented by: Dr Poornima Pandey MBBS DCH FRCPCH 

In this webinar, first broadcast on Thursday 10th November 2016, Dr Poornima Pandey, Consultant Paediatrician at Kettering General Hospital gives a talk on Paediatric Sepsis. This webinar will cover the key elements of identification, assessment and management of the sick unwell child with relevance to Paediatric Sepsis 6 and NICE guidance. 

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Fits, Faints, Falls and Funny Turns

First Broadcast: 7th February 2017

Presented by: Dr Lesley Kavi MBChB DRCOG DFSRH 

In this webinar, first broadcast live on Tuesday 7th February 2017, we are delighted to welcome Dr Lesley Kavi, who presents on Fits, Faints, Falls and Funny Turns.

Dr Lesley Kavi is a GP in the Midlands and has an interest in syncope and postural tachycardia syndrome. During this webinar she will explore the causes of blackouts and how to assess patients who present with new blackouts in primary care. Syncope red flags will be highlighted and diagnostic pitfalls will be illustrated by case histories. 

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Meeting the Challenge of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E.

First Broadcast: 12th January 2017

Presented by: Dr Hazel O’Dowd

In this webinar, Dr Hazel O'Dowd, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, presents on "Meeting the Challenge of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. is often a significant challenge for both patients and their GPs. In a recent survey CFS /M.E. was rated in the top three most difficult conditions for GPs to manage. This presentation will look at current understanding of CFS/M.E. making the diagnosis, the challenges patients and GPs face, what options are available for treatment and management. 

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Dementia: Understanding Behaviour that Challenges

First Broadcast: 3rd January 2018

Presented by: Dr Francesca Harrison

On this CPD / CME Webinar for GPs first broadcast live on Wednesday 3rd January, we kick off the new year with Dr Francesca Harrison, Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in older adults and dementia. This evening’s webinar is focussed on understanding behaviour that challenges in people with dementia.

Behaviours that challenge present in up to 80% of people with dementia, leading to problems surrounding carer burnout and at times high risk to the person with dementia and others around them. The session will focus on understanding behaviours that challenge and how to support people with dementia and their carers in the community.

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