Motivational Interviewing Course for Doctors


‘Motivational Interviewing for Doctors’, a webinar course first broadcast live over 8 weeks between 4th June – 9th July 2019, now available as recordings to watch on demand. Find out more below…


Motivational Interviewing Course for Doctors
Now Available On-Demand

We are excited to announce the availability the Motivational Interviewing Course for Doctors, first broadcast over 6 live webinars between 4th June - 9th July 2019. The course was lead by Dr Chris Johnstone and hosted by Dr Simon Wade.

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain an increased understanding of how to support patients make health-related behaviour change, drawing upon principles and practices of motivational interviewing.

With exercise, dietary change, smoking or alcohol use, health-promoting advice doesn’t always fall on willing ears, making these potentially frustrating areas to address. This six-session course, which attracts 10 hours of CPD credit, offers a practical training in, and introduction to, Motivational interviewing as an evidence-based intervention shown to be helpful here. 

What's included?

  • Access to recordings of the 6 x live sessions
  • Access the online resource hosting recordings, downloadable handouts and other resources
  • Tools and Techniques for home practice
  • CPD certificate of completion

Core Learning Outcomes

1) An increased understanding of how to support patients make health-related behaviour change, drawing upon principles and practices of motivational interviewing.

2) Practical strategies you can use in a ten-minute GP consultation to engage your patient's enthusiasm, cultivate motivation and work with or through mixed feelings.

3) A deeper understanding of ways of to work with resistance, backed up by practical strategies you can use to build relationships with, and engage participation in, patients who initially seem less than willing.



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About Dr Chris Johnstone

Dr Chris Johnstone BSc MB BS (Hons) MRCGP is an online educator at After a first degree combining medicine and psychology, he graduated in medicine with distinction in 1986. Working as a GP and later in the addictions recovery field, he has used Motivational Interviewing since the early 1990s.

As a trainer, online educator and former Senior Teaching Fellow at Bristol University Medical School, he has trained thousands of health professionals in brief motivational interventions to promote health behaviour change.

Course Content

Webinar 1: Introduction to Motivational Interviewing,

This first webinar introduces Motivational Interviewing as a consultation style, summarising evidence of its effectiveness and describing conversational styles particularly helpful when our patients seem less than fully engaged. We'll look also at supporting and related insights useful in consultations supporting health-related behaviour change.

Webinar 2 : Engaging enthusiasm when facing resistance or mixed feelings

We start with two important insights about motivation - first that it fluctuates, and second that it can be influenced by conversation. Applying a relational model to understanding resistance in patients, we look at how we can either increase or decrease their engagement through our choices about how we listen and what we say.

Webinar 3: How to avoid the premature focus trap

It is possible to reach too quickly for the certainty of a goal, only to find out later that the patient doesn't have their heart in it. This webinar explores ways of avoiding this 'premature focus trap', introducing practices that help us strengthen the starting point of empathy. We introduce 'culture setting statements' that help build rapport, and explore different ways we can reflect what we hear to more accurately hone in on a focus our patient's are willing to commit to.

Webinar 4: Evoking stronger and deeper motivation for change

This session looks at how to track and follow motivational signals in patients, and then to draw out 'change talk' that reinforces their determination and resolve. Motivational Interviewing has been described as a way of supporting people to make their own argument for change - we will look at how to interview in a way that seems effortless and natural, yet is highly targeted in its goal of helping those we work with resolve ambivalence and engage more fully with their will.

Webinar 5: Building courage and confidence to open up a way

Strengthening will and finding a way are two different sides of the change process that influence each other. This session explores how motivational interviewing can be used to help patients access their strengths, grow in confidence and take practical steps forward in their change journeys. We also look at the 'maintenance stage of change', with ways to consolidate progress and reduce the risk of sliding back.

Webinar 6: Drawing it together and taking next steps

This last webinar takes an overview of the ground we've covered and focuses on how to consolidate and embed benefits from this training. We'll also look at potential next steps and resources for further training.

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