Paediatrics Bundle


Here’s a selection of webinars from our ‘Paediatrics’ category of webinar recordings, covering challenges that we all face as clinicians relating to cases involving children and young people.

The following topics are covered:

  1. Paediatric Sepsis
  2. Nice Asthma Guidelines
  3. A Paediatric ‘All You Can Eat’ Buffet
  4. Food Induced Anaphylaxis: Pitfalls in Management




Webinar Bundle

Paediatric Sepsis

First Broadcast: 10th November 2016

Presented by: Dr Poornima Pandey MBBS DCH FRCPCH 

In this Webinar, first broadcast on Thursday 10th November 2016, Dr Poornima Pandey, Consultant Paediatrician at Kettering General Hospital will be giving a talk on Paediatric Sepsis.

This webinar will cover the key elements of identification, assessment and management of the sick unwell child with relevance to Paediatric Sepsis 6 and NICE guidance. 

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NICE Asthma Guidelines - What you need to know, do and who to refer!

First Broadcast: 3rd May 2018

Presented by: Dr Ian Sinha, MBBS, MRCPCH, PhD

On Thursday 3rd May 2018, Dr Ian Sinha, Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician, Alder Hey Hospital, presented a CPD webinar on 'New NICE Asthma Guidelines: what you need to know, do and who to refer'.

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A Paediatric 'All You Can Eat' Buffet

First Broadcast: 18th June 2018

Presented by: Dr Edward Snelson

On Monday 18th June 2018, Dr Edward Snelson, Consultant Paediatrician specialising in paediatric emergency medicine, at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, presented a CPD webinar on 'A Paediatric All You Can Eat Buffet'.

An audience led interactive learning session exploring some common paediatric myths relevant to primary care. This session covers a broad range of topics and learning that can lead to change in practice.

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Food Induced Anaphylaxis: Pitfalls in Management

First Broadcast: 23rd July 2018

Presented by: Dr Paul Turner

In this webinar, first broadcast live on Monday 23rd July 2018, Dr Paul Turner presents a CPD webinar on 'Food-induced Anaphylaxis: Pitfalls in Management'.

Food allergy has increased and now affect 1 in 30 children. We will review current approaches to managing anaphylaxis, and highlight the potential pitfalls which might contribute to severe and even fatal outcomes.

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