Thank you for the ongoing webinar sessions – they are a brilliant way to learn in an informal and pleasant format.

Dr David D. Satisfied GP

On the days I do get home in time, these webinars are great as I can listen to them while still babysitting the kids!

Dr Chloe B - Satisfied GP

Very easy to access and fits in around other commitments i.e. children. 

Easy to do in my own time if I missed the allocated slot.

Dr R. W. - Satisfied GP

Easy, convenient, can supply my own refreshments...

Dr Stuart K. Satisfied GP

Able to do at home, but also interactive!

Dr Leanne W. - Satisfied GP

I like the interactivity, variety of subjects and being able to replay in own time!

Dr Caroline C. - Satisfied GP

Excellent source of information & advice!

Dr Tim W. Satisfied GP

Access at a convenient time for a working mum, replays aid while recording on the portfolio.

Dr Sahana S. - Satisfied GP

Interactive, friendly, informal learning environment

Dr Prathibha T. - Satisfied GP